Airbus and Honeywell, Partnering for Change


If you were asked how many surveys you’ve taken in your lifetime, chances are you’d check the box marked “way too many,” or “I can’t even count that high!”

But what happens to all those forms after you’ve spent so much time and thought on them? If Airbus Supplier Management is involved, they’re turned into action.

Targeting Dissatisfaction

Years ago, Airbus Supplier Management and Honeywell Aerospace agreed to work on the improvement plans together: If any airline respondent scored the supplier 1-3 (red) on a 5-point scale, a Honeywell representative would contact the person directly, or the head of the department, to get to the source of the problem.

To Honeywell, the idea made perfect sense. It was an opportunity to identify problem areas, and learn first-hand what kind of corrections needed to be implemented. And so the company shared the survey results with its Business Managers, set dates for them to contact each Airbus respondent, and launched monthly email reminders to maintain enthusiasm for the assignments.

Honeywell Strengthens The Fix

As great as the idea was, the results were not as expected. So this year, Honeywell dug into their User Experience toolkit to measure the effectiveness of their internal process – to determine the disconnect between knowing, and acting.

What they found was a need for companywide visibility of the verbatim results, and a clearer escalation path. Too few within the company could review the direct feedback. And when respondents were contacted, Honeywell Business Managers struggled with translating scores and comments into feedback the company could act on. 

So Honeywell set about to change that, with a companywide program called “Go To Green,” (the survey response color that indicates complete satisfaction.)

Sharing Information For Accountable Action

A Go-To-Green (GTG) dashboard app was built, within their CRM tool ( – SFDC). Giving every Honeywell employee an instant summary of survey results; and the ability to drill down to verbatim airline comments. Unique activities were created for every red score (1-3), and then assigned to individual account owners.

To speed up the buy-in of the new GTG process, the company’s Customer Experience team also
developed a multi-pronged communication plan. Included in the plan were:

  1. Senior-Level Leadership reviews of GTG activities by region.
  2. Real time webinars, scheduled to enhance participation from all regions
  3. “Deep Dive” meetings to review insights gaine
  4. Bi-weekly email reminders of incomplete contacts.
  5. Inclusion in Leadership townhalls.

Every individual participating in the GTG process was required to update successful contacts within SFDC, and to translate feedback into actionable nuggets using a Six Sigma 5 Why’s approach. This enables company wide distribution of the lessons learned from those conversations – regionally and globally.

Just as important, Airbus executives now have full access to the Honeywell updates, and are encouraged to follow the progress. The GTG process has given Airbus and Honeywell the tools to review, discuss, and refine important issues monthly.

Honeywell Works To Go Greener Still

As survey response becomes an automatic, comfortable, and effective part of Honeywell daily life, there are plans to tweak and improve the collection system with elements including: automatic reminders to act prior to due dates, and supervisor notification of missed contact

Of all the surveys you’ll complete in your lifetime, Airbus and Honeywell are working to make sure these are the ones that will truly make a difference for your business.